Conservatory Field Trip

For our last field trip we went to the Conservatory. It was so pretty!! The lighting was perfect. So many plants were blooming, making it a very fun last field trip.

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HSI is Coming to an End

Kinda hard to believe that we’ve been here 3 weeks. To be honest, some days seemed to last forever, while others flew by. I’ve learned so much from this camp, in both of my classes, about colleges, and most of all about myself.

This class was the first time I ever thought about doing photography, and blogging. I’ve learned to love blogging and photography, and I think maybe I will keep doing it. In photography I learned about the creative devices that can be used to help take an unique photo. One of the topics, that kinda blew my mind was how media was effecting me. You don’t realize how much media effects you until you sit down and think about it. Media also effects other people also, body image, can be hugely effected by media.

My physical world class was Animal Science. My favorite part about that class was working in the lab with new equipment that I’ve never used before. We went to the Stock Farm and collected samples from a cow (C53) and even got to reach our hands inside a live cows stomach. Which was kinda weird at first, but was really cool to see. Then we spent most of your time in the lab, testing the samples and just being apart of the process was really fun.

HSI has been an overall fun experience. Hmm…my favorite memory, would definitely have to be learning and playing NERTS with the PCs and other students here. The game got super intense and our goal was always to beat Caleb (PC), so far he’s still undefeated. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and have definitely grown as a person. When I came into this camp I was super shy and didn’t really want to talk to anyone and by the end, I’m a lot more comfortable and made some awesome new friends.

If I could do one this differently, it would probably, try to be more outgoing from the beginning, which would be super hard but I think beneficial in the end. HSI has been fun, and I’m gonna miss the people here, but I’m ready to go home and see my family and friends. Then I’m off again for another week for national FBLA in Anaheim!! I’m planning on taking lots of pictures. 🙂

Book Banning

Book Banning happens all over, from the schools to parents and everything in between. We in class today, looked at some books that are commonly banned. Looking through those books, I understand why we wouldn’t want young kids reading them, but are they even gonna have an interest to read them?

Book Banning is used to protect and shield those who are not ready to read certain content from accidentally getting a hold of a certain book. Pro-censorship is the view that we should censor books to protect children, protect integrity of character. Makes sense right? Why have kids read books they shouldn’t be reading?

But when will they be exposed to that content, they will be eventually and that’s where anti-censorship comes into play. Anti-censorship is the view where we shouldn’t ban books to protect free speech and to not shelter kids from reality. The First Amendment says we as United States citizens have freedom of speech, this doesn’t mean that parents can’t stop their kids from reading a book, they can, so can schools?

My personal experiences are mostly with school libraries. Living in a small town, our middle school and elementary are combined in one building, so they have one library to share. The librarian there put a line, where elementary students can’t cross into the middle school section. In some cases that makes sense but then there’s the kids that read ALL the time and need a challenge, but they can’t read middle school books because they can’t go into that section.

Overall, I think parents need to trust their kids with the books they read. No 11 year old is gonna want to read Fifty Shades of Grey. And if they do…they will find a way to read it.

Media and Body Image

Body Image, to girls being skinny is pretty because of the media we see. Magazines show pretty girls that are skinny, have big eyes, long legs, the list goes on and on. Does anyone, even those models look like that? No, they don’t. From the videos we watched we saw the time and process those models go through. Hair, makeup, and the most disturbing, in my opinion, the photo editing. The realistic ability to actually look like the models are almost none, unless you are a computer and can edit your body features.

Personally, I see those models and think I want to have a body like, I want to have eyes like that, hair like that. I think any girl wants to be that perfect bodied model. When we are younger we want to be princesses, and later in life you want to look like a model. That’s when you have to realize that the person you see in the mirror, is beautiful, flaws in all.

Media, I think needs to stop the editing, allow the public to see these models as who they are and not what the computer makes them to be. If media, would start doing this, then I think people would be more accepted of their own body because they see the models for who they are.

I also think about the models. Do they appreciate the editing that is being done to them? I know I would be kinda offended…a lot offended. The editing, pretty much, is tell them that their self are not good enough. That message then gets portrayed for the public to see. That isn’t very right is it?


Snowy Range Field Trip!!

Yesterday, we went to the Snowy Range and the view was so beautiful. Words don’t give justice to the stunning landscape of the Snowy Range. By far, this was my favorite field trip. My eye was consistently moving, looking for an opportunity for a fantastic picture, and trust me the opportunities were infinite. This was the first time I went to the Snowy Range and I can’t wait to go back, and show my friends and family the beauty of the Snowy Range.

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Next Step Reality

The genre I’m gonna choose to talk about is Horror and Mystery. I personally love Horror and Mystery movies, but only when I’m with other people. I think I love how it gets your adrenaline going and how you never know what’s gonna happen. I didn’t always love horror but now that I’m older and know its fake, I love it.

Horror uses a lot of “next step reality”, most horror movies are of someone dying or getting kidnapped and it always seems like they are alone in a new place or in the woods. In real life people aren’t that naive and not smart about what they do or where they go. Most people have very good common sense and know whats wrong and right. Horror movies also using a lot of super natural things, like ghosts or demons, and that’s a HUGE non-reality aspect. The humans at the beginning of most horror films are pretty typical, they have their normal house, normal job, family, etc. The more the film goes on the more atypical the people in the film becomes.

Field Trip Around Campus!!

Yesterday, we went to the Geological Museum and Biodiversity Center. The Geological Museum had really poor lighting making a very challenging photo taking opportunity. I’m always up for a challenge so it was really fun to have to adjust my position and it was really cool to see all the exhibits. The Biodiversity Center had more windows, allowing more natural light in, making it a little easier to get good pictures.

There was a huge map on the ground in the Biodiversity Center and I thought focusing on my hometown would be a cool picture.